In the quiet back roads of rural Kansas, evidence remains of life once lived by people who are no longer there.  The spirit of their intent can be felt in the stillness surrounding the abandoned places. The stark reality of what remains is a reminder that preservation efforts do serve to keep history alive and relevant for future generations.


As a native of Kansas, I have my own affinity for these diminished places. I grew up the granddaughter of a Kansas farmer and loved exploring and stumbling upon abandoned buildings in the middle of nowhere. Currently, I have adopted a more informed approach to better understand these specific places prior to visiting them. Through artistic vision, historical insight, and deep appreciation, it has been my intent to record the ephemeral nature of rural dwellings and structures facing the inevitability of permanent cessation. I also seek to examine the relationship people had with the environment occurring in the past, and what that relationship appears to be now in the present.




© 2020 by Alivia Magaña